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Looking to hire? 

Whether you need to make a single hire or recruit an entire team. Hiring just got easier!  We take care of your recruitment needs so that you can focus on growing!

At Care Talent Partners, we offer a full range of recruitment services to help you recruit the best talent. 

From posting the job ad on our  job board to pre-screening  and interviewing applicants, we cover all your hiring needs. 

We work one-on-one with you to provide you with tailored recruitment services. 

Our goal is to become  your trusted HR partner - someone you can trust with your recruitment needs. 

We invite you to contact us to discuss your full time, part time or casual staffing requirements.

What We Offer

We offer the following services: 

  • FREE job posting on Care Talent Partner Job Board and Care Talent Partners' Facebook Group and on Facebook Job Board
  • Job posting on Indeed and LinkedIn  (advertising fee to be paid by the client)
  • Sourcing and pre-screening of candidates based on your requirements
  • Interviewing Candidates
  • Handling all communication 
  • Conducting Reference Checks
  • Assistance with on-site or off site  job fairs 

Our Approach

Step 1: We will conduct a comprehensive review of your requirements to make sure we  understand the qualifications and skills needed to ensure success in the role.

Step 2: We will post the job on  Care Talent Partners' Job Board, promote it through our Facebook Group, promote it on Facebook Job Board and notify our network about the opportunity. If required, we will post the job on your behalf on Indeed and LinkedIn.

Step 3: We will review  resumes, applications and pre-screen applicants according to skills and experience related to the role.

Step 4: After initial screening, we will interview the applicants short listed for the role and submit the results to you for final selection.

Step 5:  Once a decision has been made to move ahead with a particular candidate, we will perform  required reference  checks.

Step 6: Once the candidate is hired, we will follow up with you and the candidate to ensure smooth on boarding. 

Our Fee Structure

Care Talent Partners performs retained searches. This will be an exclusive partnership between your company and our firm. It will involve  payment of fees at regular intervals during the course of the recruitment process. 

How it will work: 

The service charge is 20% of the employee's first annual salary.

  • We will require 1/3 start-up fee  to initiate the recruitment process. 
  • Upon presentation of a ‘short list’ of qualified candidates, we will require additional 1/3 fee.
  • When a placement is made, the client pays the final 1/3 fee within 10 days from the candidate’s start date. 

Pro-rated replacement guarantee:   With a pro-rated replacement guarantee, we would find a replacement candidate for a reduced fee if the candidate leaves within the probation period (90 days). 


What industry do you recruit in?

 We're experts at recruiting and hiring  in the following fields:

  • Education
  • Health Care

How do you find talent?

We seek out qualified candidates through a variety of channels. 

How long does it take to find the candidate?

 We will strive to deliver the short-list of candidates  within a few days of commencing your search.  

What kind of positions do you staff?

We have experience staffing the following positions:

Teacher (early years, primary, secondary, special needs)

Early Childhood Educator

Early Childhood Assistant

Home Support Worker

Patient Attendant

Personal Support Worker

Registered Practical Nurse

Registered Nurse

How can I consult you with regards to our hiring needs?

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